About Us

The Crazy Mexican Restaurant & Grill’s humble beginnings….

We define “Crazy” as being happy, bold, extremely enthusiastic, brave, passionate, spontaneous, risk-taker: and that’s what we are!
Crazy Mexican Restaurant & Grill is your go-to happy place, where you take your family, friends, and love ones to share a scrumptious meal, share a drink or cocktail, watch one of your favorite sports games, or just hang out in our very spacious and airy patio
We consider ourselves bold, bringing in a concept of modern Mexican food without losing its authenticity – savory dishes and bold flavors.
Our ever evolving drink menus created spontaneously with ingredients available each season.
Our passion with food will be comparable to our taking risk in the very competitive world of food service. We strive to make each like family and to provide place where it feels like second home especially in the dining where everyone can share good conversations and great food with wonderful people. We recommend the intimate atmosphere at the mezzanine perfected for a quieter dinner for two or just an exclusive small gathering overlooking our main dining and bar area.
We are extremely enthusiastic in supporting the community. Bringing people together for a cause is one of our goals. We will give back to the place which gave us a chance to be a part of it.
Lastly, “Crazy” has more to it than just a plain concept. It’s an endearment of two people finally realizing their dreams ~ it’s a love story. So come, fall in love. Let us welcome each and everyone of you. And we hope that you enjoy!
It’s Hot!

The Real Taste of hot Fajitas!